Cookie Box of the Month

Cookie Box of the Month


Enjoy different cookie flavors from around the world every month.


January: Say "bonjour" with Madeleines

February: Chocolate-Raspberry Cookies to enamour your sweetheart.

March: Explore the flavors of Japan with this Matcha cookie with white chocolate chips

April: Alfajores. Travel to Argentina with this crumbly sandwich cookie filled with a decadent handmade dulce de leche.

May: Explore Colombia with Panderos, a traditional cookie made with cassava flour and a hint of anise.

June: Nan-e-berenji. Traditional Persian cookie made from rice flour and typically enjoyed during the New Year.

July: Lemon Cookies, Pair them with your favorite ice icream for a fun summer treat.

August: Mocha Cookies. Enjoy the magnificient flavors of Chocolate and Coffee together!

September: Bizcochitos, A traditional Mexican cookie topped with mexican cinnamon sugar mix.

October:  Linzar Tarts. Visit Austria with this traditional cookie from the town of Linz.

November:  Take a quick trip to Spain and try Polvorones. These delicate cookies are made from almond flour and a hint of lemon.

December: Enjoy the traditional flavor of Hot Cocoa in this yummy cookies.



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