Goodbye 2020. Adios 2020!

How to describe 2020? A mix of bad, sad, good, an emotional roller coaster to say the least...We can all relate!.

All of us have been in quarantine, got bikes, did our groceries online, then things start to get a little better and we went out again, started to interact with people, then back in quarantine. We all have longed, for almost a year not, to do the things we used to do, and quite frankly sometimes we took for granted. We all are counting the days, hours, minutes, until this pandemic is over and we can do all the things we have been putting off and to go back to do the things we have always done and enjoyed, and more importantly to see, hug, kiss all of those loved ones that we have not been able to see, hug or kiss for an entire year.

However, not everything has been bad, in our case, we reconnected with friends that we haven't seen or talked to in years. We also started spending every Sunday afternoon with our family back in Colombia via zoom, where grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all got together and talked, laughed, listened to music.

We haven't spent Christmas with our family in Colombia in over 12 years, however this year we did, via zoom, and it was one of the best Christmas'. We felt more connected than ever, and for that we are very grateful.

But the most important thing we have to be grateful for. is YOU. Our customers have made this dream possible. We are enjoying this chapter is our lives.

This New Year we hope to continue bringing sweetness to your life and to the life of your loved ones, by continuing telling your stories and uniting communities through our yummy flavors.

Thank You and today we will toast to a better and healthier 2021! Enjoy the sweetness of life.

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