Story Cookies 

Our mission is to unite people and cultures through cookies, and what a better way to do it than by telling your story through our edible art cookies.

Our cookies and cakes tell a personal story.  Everyone has an amazing story in their life, and we only want to make that story sweeter.  By sharing your story in a sweet way with a friend or loved one you are creating a long lasting bond.

In our efforts to create unity in our community and country, we have a curated group of cookies from around the world. Try them or send them as a way to unite friends or loved ones in learning about different cultures.

Give the gift of sweetness!

Paola & Liza


Our Signature Brown Sugar Cookies are cakey with a delicate flavor and  with pieces of orange zest that melt in your mouth

We Still Do Anniversary Cookie Set

We Still Do Anniversary Cookie Set

Custom Sugar Cookies

Custom Sugar Cookies

Bite Size Brownies

Bite Size Brownies



Delivered to your door step



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Join Us is our campaign to unite people thru cookies

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